Management Board

The people who make it all happen.



A Snow leopard heralding from Queensland, She helped behind the scenes on FurDu for its first few years, before coming on board to oversee the volunteers and Dealers Den. She has also helped Flamedrake with the organising and running of Rivfur, and has been on the board for Confurgence.



A fennec fox with a flight cap that lurks around the furry subculture, only recently coming back to into the limelight. As fursuiter and general assistance around SBFM and with a background in administration and management, he stepped in as Secretary to help keep FurDU running smoothly and efficiently.



Originally from Melbourne, Ristin was brought into the FurDu committee as Treasurer, and entrusted with guarding all of the precious shinies. Because what could possibly go wrong with entrusting a raccoon with all your valuables? Right?


They help the Management Board.



Dealers Den & Charity Auction

Night has been helping with the Dealers Den and Charity on an informal basis for the last few years. Night has worked for Supanova Pop Culture Expo for 12+ years, and for the last 6 years has been the media liaison. Night is returning to FurDU 2017 as the runner of the dealers den and organiser for the charity auction.


Taubu Lion


Taubu is a lion from Sydney. He has been part of the furry fandom for many years, and is a keen fursuiter. He has been helping with FurDU since 2015, and is currently helping with the construction of props and theming.




Foxdale, from South Sydney, is an avid fan of all things furry. Deeply involved with the organization of FurJAM since 2011 as well as various other meets, he is always keen to help anyone out. Foxdale will be lending this experience to FurDU this year in anyway he can.


Nikita Unicorn

General Activities

Nikita has been in a fandom for over a decade and is an amateur artist. He has been a volunteer at FurDU since the beginning and this is his debut year on the committee.

Staff & Contractors

The people who help make it run smoothly.


Ace Fawx

Staff: Con-Ops Team Leader

Ace Fawx is the Team lead for convention operations and ensures everything runs smoothly. He also helps manage the various social media platforms that FurDU is present on such as Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.


Ashen (Techie Tiger)

Contractor: IT Consultant

Techie is the developer of the website and maintains the online systems & services. His experience and drive comes from studying & working in the technology sphere as an IT consultant.



Staff: Business Consultant

Bentley advises on business systems, compliance, and provides data analytics. He has varied academic and professional experience in consulting, auditing, and product improvement.



Staff: External Events

Flicker coordinates external events and fursuit games at FurDU. His experience stems from running SBFM, and helping manage RivFur, and has been with the FurDU team long-term.



Staff: Head of Security

Daimin is a certified/licensed security officer and has a number of years experience in crowd control. He’s here to herd the cats, dogs, etc…