Management Board

The people who make it all happen.

Foxy Malone

Convention Chair

A Snow leopard heralding from Queensland, She helped behind the scenes on FurDu for its first few years, before coming on board to oversee the volunteers and Dealers Den. She has also helped Flamedrake with the organising and running of Rivfur, and has been on the board for Confurgence.

Larry Lynx

FurDU Secretary

Loaf-a-day toasting habbit, breakfast enthusiast, and the reason FurDU's paperwork smells faintly of butter.

Ristin Raccoon

FurDU Treasurer

Originally from Melbourne, Ristin was brought into the FurDu committee as Treasurer, and entrusted with guarding all of the precious shinies. Because what could possibly go wrong with entrusting a raccoon with all your valuables? Right?
Staff, Contractors, & Everyone Else

A lot of people work behind the scenes to make things happen. Here is who’s who, and what they do!


IT & Systems

Ashen is the conventions resident IT & systems cat, and consults in infotech for companies of all sizes. He can usually be found programming in con-ops, hiding in a box, or running up and down the halls at 4am.


Data Analyst & Compliance Consultant

Bentley advises on business systems, legal compliance, and provides data analytics. He has varied academic qualifications and professional experience in law, compliance, and business development.

Cipher DarkHusky

Senior First Aid Officer

Cipher is a qualified registered nurse, and has been in charge of first aid/health and safety at Queensland convention's since 2013.


Head of Security

Daimin is a certified/licensed security officer and has a number of years experience in crowd control. He’s here at Furry Down Under to herd the cats, dogs, etc…


External Events

Flicker co-ordinates various parts of the convention, including external events, assisting with the fursuit walk, and general convention running. He has been with the FurDU team since 2014, and has had multiple years of event experience, ranging from co-ordinating SBFM for 3 years, and other events that he can't think of from the tip of his tail!

Everyone Else

Our Volunteers

Of course, Furry Down Under wouldn't be what it was, if it wasn't for our amazing volunteers.