FurSTep Floorwars

Break out your moves at Furry Down Under

Event Information

Time: 7-8pm, May 31st, Friday 2019.

Where: LVL 2, Main Ballroom.

Format: FurSTep is Furdu’s very own version of FloorWars, an “all-styles (freestyle) dance battle” event, where furries are pitted head-to-head against each other in an elimination style competition to see who can out-dance the other to a variety of different music.


This year, our format is 1-vs-1 dance-offs, in both non-fursuiting and fursuiting.


Filling out the Application Form will get your name in the running to compete.

Finalist results will be posted online to both Telegram “OfficialFurSTepFloorwars” and Twitter @PracticalFX


Each dancer will get a maximum of 30 seconds to dance, then a dancer from the opposing side/team will dance, and dancers will alternate back & forth. If you’re confused, refer to Floor Wars videos from Anthrocon, Midwest Furfest, and Furry Weekend Atlanta (all found on YouTube).

We will be announcing any changes, sing-up updates as registration continues. Please make sure to keep an eye on our Telegram for all announcements or direct any questions and concerns to the FurSTep Coordinators; you will be answered as promptly as possible.

2018’s FurSTep FloorWars