FURDU 2024

"Furbidden Planet" written stylistically

19 - 21 April 2024



The Foundation For Uncharted Realms & Distant Universes (F.U.R.D.U) Invites you to FurDU 2024!
Suit up, power on your rocket boots, and set your coordinates as FurDU takes you on an interstellar journey with our 2024 theme…


Prepare to traverse the Furbidden Planet from April 19th to April 21st, 2024, at Crowne Plaza and Oaks Gold Coast.


Join us at the prestigious Crowne Plaza & Oaks Gold Coast Hotels in Surfers Paradise.

Enjoy amenities like serene pool areas, delectable dining options, 24-hour reception, free Wi-Fi, and secure parking.

What's On?

The Dealer's Den & Artists Alley!

Fursuit Games

a green fursuiter playing a game with a bucket surrounded by onlookers

And much much more....

Guests of Honour

Toxi De Vyne

Furry Illustrator

Our retro stylin Queen of Green!

You can catch this dingo streaming her vintage style pinup art regularly on Picarto and Twitch. Catch her in the dealers den at furdu (the super green one, you can’t miss it)!

Toxi De Vyne in space with a laser pistol in her right hand

Jib Kodi

Furry Animator

Doubling down on team green, It’s the amazing Fox-Husky Jib Kodi!

Best known for animations done in his signature, wonderful, wiggly style, Jib is venturing all the way from the USA to Planet Gold Coast to join us as the FurDU 2024 International Guest of Honour.