Dealer Survival Guide

Becoming Top Dog: The Essential FurDU Dealer Survival Guide.

Engaging as a dealer at Furry Down Under (FurDU) requires thorough preparation, smart planning, and an understanding of tax implications. This guide aims to streamline your journey, from ideation to sale.

Prior Preparation

  • Planning: Identify what to sell, estimate the necessary sales volume for profitability, and decide on your sales strategy. Regardless of your product (buttons, shirts, prints, commissions, etc.), it’s vital to maintain a strategic roadmap.
  • Know your audience: Engage in conversations with other dealers, artists, and attendees to understand their preferences. Uniquely themed items that resonate with the convention’s theme often perform well.
  • Costing: Ensure your merchandise creation aligns with your budget to at least break even and ideally make a profit. Factor in production times, materials, shipping, transportation, and your labour.
  • Inventory & Supplies: Utilize platforms like Smartpress, Custom Ink, and VistaPrint for customizable and affordable printing options. Don’t forget the essential items like bags for sales, protective covers for prints, and basic supplies (scissors, tape, displays, signs, pens, business cards). Also, ensure that your credit card payment systems like Square or Paypal are set up.
  • Adult Content: We allow artistic nudity; however, explicit adult material must be stored in a closed folder, accessible upon individual request. The convention staff can instruct the removal of content deemed inappropriate.


Setting Up Your Table

  • Attract Attention: First impressions matter, so make your booth visually appealing. Use decorations, posters, and displays that reflect your brand personality. A clear and easily readable price list, and a colourful table cloth, can enhance your booth’s attractiveness. It’s wise to practice setting up your table at home before the convention.

Admin and Taxation

  • Documentation: Stay organized by keeping copies of all receipts, invoices, and expenditures. Tracking your inventory will simplify accounting during tax season. Tools like Square can facilitate inventory management.
  • Tax Guidance: Consult with a tax professional or the Australian Tax Office for accurate information about possible deductions.

At the Con

  • Communication & Socialization: Be friendly, approachable, and open to conversations. However, don’t hesitate to communicate when you’re busy. It’s all about striking a balance!
  • Networking: Distribute your business cards widely to enhance your future sales prospects.
  • Incentives & Contact Info: Offers like “buy 2, get 1 free” or giving away freebies can help attract customers. Always collect contact info for future communications.
  • Support: If you need assistance, approach the Dealer’s Den staff. They’re there to facilitate your success.

Taking Payments

  • Cash & Credit: Prepare sufficient change for cash transactions. For credit card payments, we recommend Square or Paypal card readers.