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By March 13, 2020March 16th, 2020No Comments

Unfortunately due to the new laws banning gatherings over 500 people, and our concern for attendees health, FurDU will be postponed until 2021. While we could drop numbers, or argue that we arent a static event, I believe we have a duty of care to help flatten the curve

Our new dates will be Friday 7th – Sunday 9th of May, 2021.

We will be offering refunds of course but we will also allow those who already have rego to keep them for next years con, this will give you a guaranteed spot, current dealers will also keep their table in the Den if they take up this option.

For those who want a refund, please keep in mind that we will have a few to process and also refunds can take up to ten business days to go back on the card used. So please be patient. The hotel has informed us they will honor any bookings at the con rate that have been made, so you are still welcome to have a holiday at surfers paradise. You will need to remember to cancel any hotel bookings if you don’t go, otherwise a no-show fee will apply

Please send an email to [email protected] for refunds or to defer

For those who have booked flights, its worth checking to see if they will defer to next year as well.

Our theme for 2021 will stay as Mad Science.


Stay well, and we hope to see you all in May 2021!

Foxy and the FurDU Board