Australia's Biggest 18+ Furry Convention

Furry Down Under

7th – 9th May, 2021

It's alive! Furdu is resurrected in 2021, collating humanoid animals from all over. Prepare for our largest experiment of shenanigans & science for the new decade!


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We offer three tiers covering basic weekend access to higher tiers with extra stuff bundled in! We also have extra shirts you can buy for pick-up at furdu!

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Furry Down Under will be hosted at the Mantra On View on the Gold Coast - just a 2 minute stroll from the beaches of Surfer's Paradise!

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Bring your travel gear, sunscreen, and rego, and get ready for a great time!

What makes Furry Down Under so heckin' amazing?

Beach Life

FurDU is located in the heart of Surfer’s Paradise, we’re right by the beach!

Events Galore

Fursuit or not, we have tonnes of exciting things to do all around the Gold Coast!

Panels Fur All

We host all kinds of panels, from dancing to NSFW topics, there’s something on for everyone!

Dealers Den

JunkerTown is where you’ll find our dealers, where you can buy or sell all kinds of furry merch!

Meet our Guests of Honor!

Every year, Furry Down Under is host to a handful of furries who have made a change in our community.

This year, we welcome two furs, Magicdawolfy, and Adler the Eagle. Magic is a passionate artist who has gone freelance, and Adler is a youtuber who is known for making engaging animated short stories.


Furry Artist

Magicdawolfy, better known as just 'Magic', is a humble 21 year old artist, born, raised and living in Perth! She specializes in cute and cartoony furry artwork and has been drawing furries (unknowingly at first!) for about a decade, and has been actively attending conventions and events in Australia since 2013. She has been working as a freelance artist fulltime for about 5 years now, and is very passionate about her art.

Magic spends almost all of her spare time on various art! mostly digital but she also loves to do more traditional forms of artwork like sketching and even painting when she gets a chance!

Magic uses her artwork as a form of expression for her bright, colourful and positive outlook on life, and loves being able to help others express their own feelings through art as well!

Adler the Eagle

Furry Youtuber

I'm an animator and content creator making content for everyone! I produce Animated Shorts where I tell stories from my life! I also make videos reviewing products and videos where I answer questions! Come on this animated journey with me, and help me help you smile!

Giving back to charity

Every year, Furry Down Under gives back to animal not-for-profits, and since 2011 has raised over $35,000. This year, proceeds from our charity auction will be donated to Fresh Start Rescue, and NSW’s Rural Fire Service.

Fresh Start Rescue is a committed group of animal lovers who hope to make a real change in the number of companion animals put to sleep in pounds and shelters across the state each year.

Fresh Start RescueRural Fire Service

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