Code of Conduct


FurDU would like to invite and welcome all fans of anthropomorphic art, the lifestyle and associated topics of interest. It is FurDUs’ aim to provide attendees with a safe and fun filled environment. In order to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, and gets the most out of the convention, please abide by the below guidelines. These are not intended to “kill the fun”, but rather, to encourage you to have fun safely in a manner considerate of others. We seek only to ensure that the behaviour of any one small group does not disturb the convention, or associated events as a whole, nor detract from the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. We hope that each attendee enjoys the wide range of activities and events on offer, but please consider how your actions reflect on the convention and how this may impact or affect others.


By registering to attend FurDU, all guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless FurDU, its’ staff, volunteers, agents, representatives and all other employees from any claim for personal injuries or other damages arising out of any participation in FurDU events, activities, or attendance to the convention itself under any circumstances, unless otherwise required by applicable law. Management reserves the right to deny or revoke the registration and entry of any individual at any time at its’ discretion. FurDU also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice.


FurDU strives to maintain an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all guests of all ages; we cannot, however, take responsibility for the actions of any individual guest.

Any action or behaviour that causes interference with convention operations, discomfort to other guests, or adversely affects FurDUs’ relationship with its’ guests, its’ venues or the general public is strictly forbidden, and may result in confiscation of convention badge and immediate removal from the convention area and hotel, as well as suspension of attendance for subsequent years.

Behaviour that may violate these conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Groping
  • Heavy kissing/petting
  • Excessive public displays of affection
  • Nudity
  • Sexual acts

If FurDU becomes aware of any illegal activities, hotel staff and the proper authorities will be advised.

Convention Badges

Your convention badge is your passport to all FurDU events and activities, and identifies you as a registered guest. As such, please be prepared to present your badge upon entering convention spaces or events. Failure to provide this identification may lead to refusal of entry. If you lose your badge, please advise staff, and we will try to rectify the situation.

Convention badges are issued to the owner of the registration. As such, they are only valid for use by the registered owner. Any attempt to enter the convention space, or otherwise use a convention badge by anyone other than the registered owner will result in immediate removal from the venue, and the termination of the registration. Management reserves the right to ban violators of this condition from future conventions.

Convention badges are the primary method for confirming that an individual is a registered guest. Guests will be required to provide their badge before entering the convention space – no exemptions. Cases of lost badges should be referred to a member of staff. Fursuiters are not exempt from this rule.

Dress Standards

Guests must wear at least a shirt, shorts, and shoes in public areas such as the hotel lobby, restaurants, and convention spaces. Fursuits and other such costumes are acceptable, provided they are not excessively revealing, except for near the pools and in restaurants – due to safety concerns. Swimwear is only acceptable for around the pools and other similar areas.

Guests may not wear overly revealing or inappropriate clothing– such as fetish-related garb and accoutrements. Collars are acceptable, but collars with leashes attached are not acceptable in the hotel or public spaces – they may only be worn in the convention space itself, or in private rooms/facilities.

Bullying and Harassment

FurDU is committed to providing a safe and comfortable convention experience for everyone. Bullying or harassment of any kind, including intimidating or threatening behaviour, verbal or physical assault, unwelcome sexual advances or abuse, or any other similar behaviours.

Remember: Costume is NOT consent!

Harassment does not require you to intend to offend. If an individual feels they are being harassed, then the responsible behaviour needs to stop. All attendees have the right to enjoy their convention experience without such issues. Continued bullying or harassment is grounds for removal from the convention space, revocation of registration, and/or banning from future events.

FurDU is not responsible for resolving personal conflicts between attendees, if you feel you are being bullied or harassed, please advise a member of staff immediately and it will be referred to security personnel or the authorities as appropriate. False allegations of bullying or harassment is considered harassment in itself, and will be treated accordingly.

Weapons, Dangerous Goods, and Property

To maintain the safety and wellbeing of the convention and those who attend, FurDU maintains a strict weapons and dangerous goods policy.

Weapons (including replicas, props, or any item that may reasonably be mistaken for a weapon) and Dangerous Goods are not to be brought into the convention space at any time. If you wish to use a prop or item for a costume that would otherwise be non-permissible by this policy, approval must be sought in writing from FurDU management. If approval is granted, the item may only be used as permitted in the approval, and must not be used or carried in such a way as to be considered threatening. FurDU management reserves the right to revoke approval at any time.

Due to potential property damage, items such as water or foam guns, silly string, etc. are prohibited in all hotel and convention spaces. Any act of vandalism against FurDU, the hotel, or any persons will be referred to the authorities, and those responsible may face financial, civil, or criminal liability.

FurDU is not responsible for any personal property.

Alcohol and Substances

FurDU promotes the sensible and safe consumption of alcohol. Intoxicated individuals may be asked to leave the convention space temporarily by staff or security. The possession, use, or sale of illicit substances is strictly prohibited. Attendees found in violation of this will be reported to hotel security and the authorities. The hotel common areas, including the convention space, are licenced. Therefore, no BYO alcohol is permitted in these areas. The hotel and FurDU staff reserve the right to perform bag checks for this purpose.


Smoking is prohibited in all hotel and convention areas, unless otherwise signed. This includes the hotel rooms. Please be considerate of others when smoking by smoking away from windows and entrances.

Food and Beverages

Mantra Hotel management have stated that the consumption of food and beverages is strictly prohibited. This includes the dealer den, event spaces, and in the lobby. This however, should be enforced with common sense – bottles of water are permissible, as are light snacks if they are being treated with care. Consider whether the hotel space is being respected before enforcing this rule.


FurDU registrations are non-refundable. They may be transferred for equal to, or less than, the original market price, so long as this is done before the preregistration deadline. Any evidence of attempted profiteering or price gouging will result in the termination of the registration.

Transfer transactions are undertaken directly between the current and prospective holders of the registration. FurDU does not take responsibility for these transactions, and is not responsible for any associated costs, losses, or liability.

Management reserves the right to deny or revoke the registration and entry of any individual at any time at its’ discretion.


Photographers should use common courtesy by asking beforehand. Please respect the rights of anyone who does not wish to be on camera.

However, please consider that photography is common at such a convention, and as such should be expected in all public areas, including external events hosted by the convention or third parties. If photography is underway, and you do not wish to be involved, please ensure you are not in shot.

Please note that FurDU reserves the right to use footage collected by staff, volunteers, convention attendees, or the public for promotional, marketing, or advertising purposes; as a condition of registration.

Media Use & Credits

  • Film Noir background used on Lander Page is by DeusExMoose